Omogolo Wildlife Trust

We are a non-profit organization, registered in the Netherlands.

The trust is recognized by the Dutch Revenue Services (de Belastingdienst) as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), allowing donors to give to our projects in a tax-friendly way.

Our mission

We support projects that contribute to Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare.

The projects are located in various parts of the world. We work closely together with them and believe in the good work they do.

How we work

100% of each donation goes to the chosen projects. We work without salaries and pay for bank and administration costs ourselves.

On our website and FaceBook site we publish the projects' feedback and photos to show the impact of our donations.

A gift for you!

With a lot of humour, Dick van Kooten wrote the Dutch book: “Wereldreizen – You…sit en andere (eigen)aardigheden in 57 landen”. The 30 stories (with colour photos) are set in various countries that the author has visited with his wife, such as Bhutan, South Africa, Honduras, Panama, Egypt, India and Australia. The book also pays attention to nature and conservation.


Donate €50 or more and the book will be sent to you by the author!

A big thank you to Dick van Kooten for carrying the costs for this! It means that 100% of your donation will benefit the animals!

Registration Handelsregister (company number):

Registration Belastingdienst (tax number):


8556 11 790

Our mission, objectives, results....

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Omogolo Wildlife Trust has received its certification by Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving (Central Bureau Fundraising), member of the International Committee on Fundraising Organisations.

The logo ‘CBF – Erkend Goed Doel’ (CBF - Recognized Charity) shows that an organisation complies with the rules for recognition by the independent Central Bureau Fundraising. Recognized


charities know what they want to achieve, have their organisation well organized and inform the public in an open and clear manner.

Once every three years CBF re-evaluates the recognized charities and inspections may take place in between.

For more information and a recent list of recognized charities:


Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving, tel. +31 20 4170003 or

Click here to see our CBF Erkennings-paspoort (recognition passport).