Regulations, procedures and codes of conduct

Omogolo Wildlife Trust wants to realize its objectives in an honest and transparent way. That is why our organization works with regulations, procedures and codes of conduct, which we have included on our website for the purpose of openness. In the following paragraphs we will discuss in more detail which regulations and codes these are. We make use of internal regulations, rules from the law and the charity sector, as well as rules for cooperation with the projects we support.

Internal regulations

Omogolo Wildlife Trust has a number of important regulations and documents, which are included as PDF documents below:

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer
Code of conduct for members of Omogolo Wildlife Trust

Salary and Benefit Guidelines

The board of the foundation is the highest body within the organization and does not receive any remuneration for its activities.

The Board has also committed itself to pay for all costs for administration, banking and other overhead costs. 100% of donations received from our donors is sent to the projects that are supported by Omogolo Wildlife Trust.

Rules from the charity sector

In achieving our objectives and performing our work, we observe the following rules and codes:

Code of Good Governance of Cooperating Branch Organizations Philanthropy (SBF - Samenwerkende Brancheorganisaties Filantropie)

Code of Conduct of the Fundraising Institute (IF - Instituut Fondsenwerving)

Guideline Financial Management for Charities (GDN - Goede Doelen Nederland)

Code of Conduct of Charities in the Netherlands (GDN - Goede Doelen Nederland)

Code of Conduct of the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association (DDMA)

Standards and rules that are included in the recognition scheme of the CBF (Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving)


For any complaints about our service, communication or activities, we have set up a complaints procedure, which is accessible below:

Complaints Procedure

Voorschoten, May 2021

On behalf of The Board