Omogolo Wildlife Trust's board members are committed to the cause of wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

The board consists of three members:

  • Yvonne Verkaik - chairman
  • Sabine van der Spek - secretary
  • Chantal Klootwijk - treasurer

We have been involved in various conservation projects, and have

experienced the dependency on well-willing individuals, companies and organisations that have supported these projects and made them into a success.

We wish to continue our support to those projects that have found a place in our hearts, and to others that do similar work for the conservation and welfare of animals that need our help.

This is the reason why we established 

Omogolo Wildlife Trust. We form a link between the donors and the projects, assuring a smooth transfer of funds to those projects that need it, or are explicitly chosen by the donor.

We are based in the Netherlands and in Africa, and are in constant contact with our projects so that we can send their feedback to our donors.